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Image of Black Inverted OG Logo

* Hand painted graphic.

* Laser etched top ply.

* Sweety Mold = Medium to high kicks + Deep concave. 96 mm long.
Wild Mold = Medium kicks + Deep concave. 98 mm long.
Mild Mold = Medium kicks + Low concave. 98 mm long.

* 5 hard rock canadian maple plies (2nd & 4th green dyed plies).

* Hydraulic Pressed.

* Waterproof glue formula.

* Unique Items 100% handcrafted in Colombia.

* Includes matching laser engraved, fingerboard store extrasmooth tape and diecut sticker sheet.

* Crispy pop!

* Orders will ship after April 18th according to the dates allowed by the law to avoid the COVID19 spreading. #staysafe

* Tracking number will be emailed to buyer.

* Keep it Simple!


Image of Black Inverted OG Logo Image of Black Inverted OG Logo