Habano A


Image of Habano A

(Asesoría dentro de Colombia en simpledecksco@gmail.com)

* For the fine ladies and gentlemen! Not smokable ;)

* Heat transfer graphic.

* Laser etched top ply.

* Sweety Mold = Medium to high kicks + Deep concave.
Wild Mold = Medium kicks + Deep concave.
Mild Mold = Medium kicks + Low concave.

* 5 plies.

* Hydraulic Pressed.

* Waterproof glue formula.

* Unique Items 100% handcrafted in Colombia.

* Fingerboard store extrasmooth tape and stickers.

Note: Thanks to the pandemic rising prices for unefective shipping services, most orders, if not all of them will be sent to the United States with Priority Mail, then forwarded to their final destination through USPS First Class Mail. All thanks to our great friends at GoodVibesFB, TX.

* Tracking number will be emailed to buyer.

* Keep it Simple!


Image of Habano A Image of Habano A