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Professional Fingerboard trucks which provide great performance with low weight and great design.

Caramel Hangers from Caramel Fingerboards, which is the first company to produce 35 and 36mm Fingerboard Hangers!

34 and 36 mm are compatible with dual bearing wheels! Each Set


2 Hangers

4 Stainless Steel Lock Nuts

4 Wheel Spacers

2 Pivot cups

Caramel Sticker

Caramel Hangers are compatible with these Baseplates:

Uag (best option), Dynamic, Vortex (V2,V3) and BRT´s.

If you don’t have any pro baseplates you can customize your own cheap baseplates with this tutorial link: https://youtu.be/i56EORoh4uA

You are paying for Caramel hangers only. Baseplates are not included.

Caramel Fingerboards es la primera empresa que produce hangers de 35 y 36 mm.

34 y 36 mm son compatibles con ruedas de doble rodamiento!

Cada juego incluye:

2 Hangers

4 Tuercas con sistema de bloqueo

4 Arandelas

2 Pivot cups


-Compatible con bases: Uag (mejor opción), Dynamic, Vortex (V2,V3) y BRT’s.

Si no tienes ninguna base pro puedes personalizar tus propias bases baratas con este enlace tutorial: https://youtu.be/i56EORoh4uA Usted está pagando por los hangers solamente. Las bases no están incluidas.


32 mm, 33 mm, 34 mm, 35 mm, 36 mm


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