Oak Wheels are specially designed to work with Blackriver Trucks and can also be used with Dynamic and Uag A Frame Trucks. To make sure your Oak Wheels fit perfectly on Dynamic or Uag Trucks we recommend using them with the FBS Spacers. They are not compatible with Bollie Trucks or Tech Deck trucks.

  • Oak Wheels are the most realistic fingerboard wheels in the World. They are made of polyurethane, a fine mixture of urethane’s made for us, that gives them some unique characteristics. Some traction but not too much and a lots of realism in color, sound, smoothness, way of riding and mainly on “feeling”. Oak Wheels it’s more than 4 wheels, its a concept full of Mucho Feeling.
  • The one and only Mucho Feeling from Portugal.
  • Oak Wheels are urethane made, soft and squeaky wheels.

Medium White, Mini White, Rv2 Rad Red


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