• Japanese Trucks brought to you by Uag Fingerboards.
  • Includes two (2) V2 hangers, seven (7) locknuts, two (2) baseplates, bushings set, eight (8) screws, two (2) pivot cups, stickers and tool.

UAG A-FRAME V2 TRUCKS come all the way from Japan. These are some of the latest Pro fingerboard trucks to come out, adding a little more weight and height to those looking for it.

The trucks offer truly impressive performance straight out of the box and a perfect pivot cup and bushing combination.

The trucks all have a polished finish and offer an amazing grind. The integrated axle is also locked and ready to shred.

UAG A-FRAME V2 TRUCKS are 33.5 mm Wide,  they go perfectly with most bearing wheels and 34-35 mm decks.

They’re also responsive, well made and offer a totally new pro truck experience.

UAG A-FRAME V2 TRUCKS are on the high and heavy side of professional fingerboard trucks.

They fit greatly on Caramel Baseplates/Hangers too!


Chrome, Shot Blast (Textured)


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